Top 5 Best Morocco vs Spain Football Matches

While you are waiting for the season matches to start, we’ve just the best thing for you to pass your time. If you’re anything like us you love watching exciting football matches that keep you on the edge of your seat. So, we’ve gathered a list of the top 5 Morocco vs Spain football matches that are guaranteed to deliver excitement to all the football enthusiasts out there.

Football has an extraordinary power to unite nations and ignite fierce rivalries. One such rivalry that has captured the hearts of football fans around the world is the clash between Morocco and Spain. Over the years, these two nations have engaged in some remarkable battles on the pitch, leaving an inedible mark on the history of the spot. In this article, we delve into football history to bring you the top 5 Morocco vs. Spain football matches of all time. 

Top 5 Morocco vs Spain Football Matches

From World Cup showdowns to intense friendly matches of Morocco vs.  Spain, these matches have provided us with moments of exhilaration, drama, and sporting excellence. 

1. 1962 FIFA World Cup: Morocco vs Spain

The 1962 FIFA World Cup held in Chile was another exciting chapter in the history of international football. Morocco was once again making their presence felt on the global stage. In the group stage of this tournament, Morocco found themselves against Spain in a match that would become a memorable contest.

By this time, both teams had honed their skills and were determined to make an impact in the tournament. The match was a fiercely contested battle, showcasing the competitive spirit of both sides. Morocco was eager to showcase their skills in the international format.

The clash between the two nations ended with Spain beating Morocco 1-0. For Morocco, it was a devastating loss, but they didn’t lose their spirit. It was a momentous occasion for both teams. Morocco had once again proven their mettle and signaled their intent to be a competitive force in international football.

This loss against Spain was a testament to the resilience and the spirit of not giving up, they continued to work hard and the team made a promise to put African football on the map. 

2. 1986 FIFA World Cup: Morocco vs Spain

The 1986 FIFA World Cup held in Mexico is remembered for a lot of iconic moments and thrilling matches, among them Morocco vs Spain a match that etched itself in football history.

Both the teams were hungry for success, Morocco had already shown their potential in previous tournaments, and Spain was considered a formidable opponent with a rich footballing tradition.

The match turned out to be an enthralling battle. Morocco played with great determination, showing the world that African football was on the rise. Spain, on the other hand, was not to be underestimated, and the match quickly became a fierce contest. 

In a stunning turn of events, Morocco achieved a historic 3-1 victory over Spain. The Moroccan team’s skill, teamwork, and unwavering spirit shone brightly on the day. This victory marked a historical moment for Moroccan football. It was not only their first-ever win in a FIFA World Cup but also a win against a footballing powerhouse like Spain. 

3. 1962 FIFA World Cup: Morocco vs Spain

The 1962 FIFA World Cup in France was a global football spectacle, despite so many exciting matches, Morocco vs Spain was truly unforgettable. The match proved to be a tightly contested affair from the start. Morocco displayed their resilience and tenacity, making it challenging for Spain to find the back of the net. But Spain, with their attacking power, posed a great threat, and the Moroccan defense held firm in the beginning.

This match was yet another testament to the enduring rivalry between Morocco and Spain. The Spanish team was willing to win at all costs and they managed to put on a masterclass of a performance by beating the Moroccan team with a score of 3-2. The Spanish fans celebrated the victory and the Moroccan fans were once again devastated by the defeat. 

This 1962 FIFA World Cup match between Morocco and Spain was a captivating display of skill, determination, and the shared love for football that unites nations. While it may not be the most famous match of the tournament, it added to the history of encounters between these two teams and left a lasting impression on fans worldwide. 

4. 2012 Friendly: Morocco vs. Spain

The friendly match between Morocco and Spain in 2012 was one such encounter, offering football enthusiasts an enjoyable spectacle. The friendly match didn’t carry the same weight as a World Cup or a major tournament but it had its own significance in showcasing the talents of both teams.

Morocco was determined to give the visiting Spanish team a tough challenge. Spain, having won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship in 2008 and 2012, was a football powerhouse at the time.

 The match definitely lived up to expectations, as both teams displayed their technical prowess and attacking capabilities. Morocco’s defense as always held strong against Spain’s relentless attacks, while Spain tried their best to attack, by making quick passes and controlling the ball.

In the end, the friendly match ended in a draw as both teams were unable to score, reflecting the competitive nature of the encounter. This was a proud moment for the Moroccan team as they held their own against the world champions, the Spanish fans were forced to acknowledge the skill and determination of their North African opponents. 

The friendly encounter was a reminder that football is a global language, and these friendly matches serve as a bridge for cultural gaps and foster goodwill among nations. 

5. 2022 FIFA World Cup: Morocco vs Spain

The 2022 FIFA World Cup match between Morocco and Spain was held in Qatar. Morocco were the underdogs, but they put up a brilliant performance and managed to hold Spain to a 0-0 draw after extra time. The match went to penalties, and Morocco won 3-0, with the goalkeeper saving two of Spain’s kicks.

The match was a major upset, and it was the first time that an African team had defeated a European team in a World Cup knockout match since 2002. The match was a historic victory for Morocco, it was also a testament to the resilience and determination of the Moroccan team. 


The top 5 Morocco vs Spain football matches have left a mark on the history of international football. From their historic debut to their win in the 2022 World Cup, these matches have showcased the passion, skill, and determination of both teams. These clashes have consistently delivered excitement and memorable moments for football fans worldwide. Morocco vs Spain rivalry is a testament to the enduring spirit and universal appeal of the beautiful game. 

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