Top 10 Most Valuable Avon Bottles – A Complete Guide 

Avon Products Inc. holds the distinction of being the oldest beauty company in the United States, specializing in a range of items such as fragrances and aftershaves. The receptacles for these products are commonly known as Avon bottles, crafted from glass.

Remarkably, Avon bottles, particularly those of vintage origin, are gaining recognition among collectors. Whether or not they retain their original contents, Avon bottles dating back several decades are considered prized possessions today.

In contemporary times, these exquisite bottles have evolved into sought-after collectibles. Vintage Avon perfume bottles, in particular, attract a considerable following among collectors, resulting in their widespread popularity and commanding high prices at auctions.

Continue reading to delve into the history of Avon bottles, explore their appeal to collectors, and discover insights into the most valuable specimens. We’ve created a guide of the top 10 most valuable Avon bottles that will leave you mesmerized. 

Unveiling the Allure of Avon: A Closer Look at Their Popularity

The narrative of Avon bottles originates from a door-to-door bookseller who observed that women, more intrigued by the scent he wore than the books he offered, decided to transition to selling perfumes. In 1886, he established the “California Perfume Company” to produce his fragrances. With the remarkable success of the “Avon” perfume, the company underwent a name change to “Avon Products Inc.” in 1939. Over time, its product line expanded to encompass various cosmetic items such as aftershaves, bath oils, and lotions.

The distinctive glass containers holding the company’s fragrances and other products are commonly referred to as Avon bottles.

While Avon bottles have always possessed an iconic status, the company elevated their impact by introducing figural bottles, initially shaped like a boot. Subsequently, an array of shapes emerged, including cars, motorcycles, boats, trains, guns, clocks, animals (dogs, horses, peacocks, etc.), and even human figures.

Exploring the Scarce and Priceless: The Top 10 Most Valuable Avon Bottles

10. Avon Shaving Brush Endeavour After Shave Lotion Bottle – Priced at $69

Avon Shaving Brush Endeavour After Shave Lotion Bottle

The design of this Avon bottle mimics a shaving brush, with the main container forming the handle and the lid resembling the brush-hair part.

Measuring a modest 5 inches in height and approximately 1.5 inches in width, this petite bottle originally contained 45ml of Avon Endeavour After Shave lotion, likely manufactured in the 1970s.

Presenting itself in excellent condition, the bottle exhibits no cracks or scratches, and the original content sticker remains intact on the base. This most valuable Avon bottle is valued at more than $65, this Avon decanter holds both aesthetic and monetary worth.

9. Vintage Avon Big Mold Glass Train Aftershave Bottle – Priced at $93.75

Vintage Avon Big Mold Glass Train Aftershave Bottle

This scarce Avon bottle once contained one of the company’s aftershave lotions and takes the form of a train’s locomotive, featuring a brass stopper at its rear.

The sizable green bottle measures 7.5 inches in length, 1.7 inches in width, and 2.6 inches in height.

Embossed with the “Avon” mark on the front of the train-shaped bottle, this substantial mold, despite being empty and lacking its original content sticker, remains in excellent condition. A rare find dating back to the 1970s, this valuable piece is priced at $93.75.

8. Vintage Avon Pony Wild Country Aftershave Horse-Shape Bottle – Priced at $99

Vintage Avon Pony Wild Country Aftershave Horse-Shape Bottle

This Avon bottle takes on the shape of a horse’s head, featuring a keyring-like element in the horse’s mouth reminiscent of bits in horses’ bridles. Technically, it leans more towards being a pony, distinguished by a horn-like feature on its head that serves as the bottle’s lid.

Crafted in the 1970s, the bottle, presented here as empty, originally housed 4 fl. oz. of Avon Wild Country aftershave. The green bottle stands at a height of 5.5 inches and measures 2.5 inches in width.

In excellent condition, the Avon pony bottle exhibits no cracks or scratches, and its original sticker at the bottom remains pristine. Priced at nearly $100, it stands as a testament to both its aesthetic appeal and collectible value.

7. Vintage Avon Fashion Figurine Gay Nineties Unforgettable Cologne Decanter – Priced at $99

Vintage Avon Fashion Figurine Gay Nineties Unforgettable Cologne Decanter

This uncommon Avon bottle draws inspiration from the Gay Nineties, a nostalgically regarded period of prosperous comfort in America during the 1890s. The bottle is crafted in the likeness of a beautiful woman with robust biceps.

Standing at a height of 7.5 inches and measuring approximately 2.3 x 2.5 inches wide, the bottle’s lower part, from the skirt’s waistline down, contains the content, while the upper part serves as the bottle’s lid. Originally designed to hold 3 fl. oz. of Avon Unforgettable cologne, this creation can be traced back to the figurine surge of the late 1960s, coinciding with the cologne’s launch in 1965.

Remarkably, it remains in excellent condition, with a clear and intact original content sticker on its base. Today, this Avon bottle exudes the same nostalgic charm as the era that inspired it and holds a value of approximately $100.

6. Vintage Rare Avon Model A Wild Country Aftershave Bottle – Priced at $99

Vintage Rare Avon Model A Wild Country Aftershave Bottle

This Avon bottle draws inspiration from the 1928 Ford Model A, the second market success for the automobile giant. Modeled after an open-roof 2-seater vintage Model A, the bottle cleverly incorporates a removable spare tire at the car’s rear, revealing the bottle’s lid. A glossy finish enhances the appeal of the bottle’s distinctive dirty-yellow color, creating a truly beautiful piece. This particular bottle can be traced back to the mid or late 70s.

Measuring around 5 inches in height and 2.5 inches in width, the Model A Avon bottle originally contained 120ml of Tai Winds aftershave lotion.

Maintaining good condition, this vintage Avon bottle features its original sticker at the bottom of the car, although it shows signs of wear. Despite this, the rarity of this Avon bottle places its value at just under $100.

5. Avon Old Dog Shaped Bottle – Priced at $105

Avon Old Dog Shaped Bottle

This Avon bottle once contained 90ml of Avon Tai Winds After Shave lotion, part of the Tai Winds line launched in 1971. Its production aligns with the 1970s, predating the conclusion of the figurine craze in 1980.

Designed as a vintage piece, this Avon bottle takes the form of a squatting Alsatian dog, with the dog’s head serving as the bottle’s lid. The charming brown dog-shaped bottle features a glossy finish.

Furthermore, the bottle is in excellent condition despite being empty. It retains its original content sticker on the base, although slightly faded, it remains legible. As a result, this particular bottle holds a value exceeding $100.

4. Avon Sweet Honesty Boddy Splash Full Bottle – Priced at $149.99

Avon Sweet Honesty Boddy Splash Full Bottle

This exquisite Avon bottle is crafted from translucent white glass, and adorned with intricate details. In contrast to many Avon bottles equipped with brass or rubber stoppers, this particular bottle is entirely made of glass. Its production falls from 1970 to 1985.

Unopened and retaining its original content, this Avon bottle stands at 3.5 inches in height and 3 inches in width, containing 6 fl. oz. of Avon Sweet Honesty body splash. The bottle, impeccably clean, features an excellently preserved original content sticker on one of its sides.

The pristine, like-new condition of this Avon Sweet Harmony bottle significantly enhances its value, commanding a price of nearly $150.

3. 1960s Avon Charisma Perfume Full Bottle – Priced at $173.97

1960s Avon Charisma Perfume Full Bottle

Originating from the late 1960s or early 1970s, this Avon bottle distinguishes itself in simplicity amid the era dominated by figurine bottles. Comprising glass, the bottle is sealed with a rubber screw lid, presenting as a compact travel-sized container accommodating 1/8 fl. oz. of Avon Charisma perfume.

A notable factor contributing to the value of this Avon bottle is its retention of the original content, still containing the full 1/8 oz of the silvery Charisma fragrance. Additionally, the original content sticker remains affixed to the shoulder of the bottle.

Encountering a fully intact Avon bottle from approximately five decades ago is a rare occurrence, rendering this particular Avon bottle both scarce and valuable, with a price exceeding $170.

2. Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country Aftershave Blue Motorcycle Full – Priced at $199.99

Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country Aftershave Blue Motorcycle Full

This rare Avon bottle contains 5.5 fl. oz. of Wild Country aftershave from Avon Products Inc.

Dating back to the 1970s, this blue glass bottle with a glossy finish measures 8L x 4H inches and is crafted in the shape of a motorcycle, complete with a detachable handlebar.

Beyond the intricate detailing of the motorcycle-shaped bottle, its exceptional value lies in its remarkable condition. Notably, the bottle retains its original content—it remains full and unopened. The original nylon material for securing the motorcycle’s handlebar is still intact. Furthermore, the bottle features the original content sticker on its base, which is exceptionally legible.

Thus, this isn’t just a rare 1970s blue Avon motorcycle bottle; it is a complete container of the original Avon Wild Country aftershave. With its like-new condition, this vintage piece holds significant value, priced at nearly $200.

1. Avon Bottle Rare Car Collectible – Priced at $200

Avon Bottle Rare Car Collectible

This bottle is officially designated the “Avon Thomas Flyer 1908” bottle, inspired by the Thomas Flyer, the Model 35 automobile from the Thomas Motor Company that triumphed in the 1908 New York to Paris race.

Representing a rare find, this Avon bottle impeccably mirrors the open-roof, four-seater design of the car, featuring a lid formed by the mounted spare tire at the car’s rear. The glass “car bottle” predominantly exhibits a white hue, with detachable blue seats.

Originally containing 6 fl. oz. of Avon’s Wild Country aftershave, this Avon bottle was produced in the 1970s, likely between 1974 and 1975, measuring approximately 7 inches in length.

The bottle includes the original content sticker at the car’s bottom, which is well-preserved and clear. Additionally, the Avon bottle is in excellent condition, displaying only a minor scratch in the floor-tire contact area. Valued at around $200, it stands as a testament to its rarity and collector’s appeal.

The Most Valuable Avon Bottles – What’s the Appeal?

Numerous Avon bottles lack value in the present day, as Avon Products Inc. continues to offer products to this day; however, only vintage Avon bottles hold significant collectible worth.

Several factors contribute to the value of an Avon bottle, including its production date, rarity, and condition.


In the realm of collectibles, older items tend to be more valuable, a principle that applies to Avon bottles as well. Consequently, earlier Avon bottles are generally more prized than their more recent counterparts.


Avon bottles that are rare and challenging to find tend to be more valuable than those readily available. This is particularly evident in the high value attributed to pre-1965 Avon bottles, renowned for their scarcity and the premium they command.


The closer Avon bottles are to their original condition, the higher their value. Various factors influence the condition, including whether the bottle is opened or unopened, the state of its original content (full, partly full, or empty), the condition of content stickers (intact, clear, and legible markings), the presence of the original packaging, and the absence of signs of use such as scratches and cracks.

Unopened Avon bottles retain their original content, with intact content stickers, and accompanied by their original packaging, hold significant value. Even empty bottles can command considerable worth if their stickers are intact, and they are free of scratches and cracks.

Where to Buy Most Valuable Avon Bottles?

When seeking to add Avon bottles to your collection, it’s crucial to make your purchase from a reliable source. If opting for online platforms, ensure that the Avon bottle is not only authentic but also in good condition. Look for listings that offer ample photos and provide a detailed description of the item’s condition.

Reputable places to acquire Avon bottles include eBay, Etsy, and Collector’s Weekly. On platforms like Etsy or eBay, you can conveniently narrow down your search to find the specific bottle you’re seeking. Additionally, you have the opportunity to ask the seller questions and assess their credibility through reviews. Collector’s Weekly aggregates listings from various auction sites, offering a diverse selection for collectors.


  1. How can I determine the value of my Avon bottles?
    • The article provides insights into factors that contribute to the value of Avon bottles, such as rarity, condition, and specific features. However, for an accurate valuation, it’s recommended to consult with appraisers or experts in collectibles.
  2. Are all Avon bottles valuable?
    • No, not all Avon bottles hold significant value. The article highlights specific bottles known for their rarity and desirability among collectors. Individual bottle value varies, and factors like condition play a crucial role.
  3. Where can I find Avon bottles for sale or purchase?
    • The article does not list specific sellers but suggests avenues like online auction sites, antique shops, or collectibles markets. Exercise caution and research thoroughly when buying to ensure authenticity.
  4. Do Avon bottles need special care to retain their value?
    • Yes, maintaining the condition of Avon bottles is essential for preserving their value. The article discusses the significance of keeping bottles in good condition, avoiding damage, and storing them properly.
  5. What makes an Avon bottle valuable?
    • Rarity, limited editions, unique designs, and historical significance contribute to the value of Avon bottles. The article delves into these factors, providing insights into what collectors often seek.
  6. Can I sell my Avon bottles online?
    • Yes, online platforms like auction sites or collectibles marketplaces are potential places to sell Avon bottles. The article suggests these avenues but recommends thorough research before engaging in any transactions.
  7. Are there specific Avon bottles mentioned in the article?
    • Yes, the article highlights the top 10 most valuable Avon bottles, providing details about each one. These bottles are recognized for their rarity and historical importance among collectors.
  8. Is there a market for collecting Avon bottles?
    • Yes, there is a market for Avon bottle collectors, and the article discusses the popularity of collecting these items. The value of Avon bottles can attract enthusiasts looking for unique and historical pieces.
  9. Can I start collecting Avon bottles as a hobby?
    • Certainly, the article acknowledges Avon bottle collecting as a hobby and provides information on how to start. It offers tips for beginners interested in exploring the world of Avon bottle collecting.
  10. Where can I get more information about Avon bottle collecting?
    • The article serves as a guide, but for in-depth knowledge, connecting with local collector groups, attending auctions, or consulting with experts can provide valuable insights into Avon bottle collecting.

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