Everything You Need to Know About GTA 6 Leaks – A Complete Guide to the Anticipated Gaming Marvel Of 2024

Ahead of the release of probably the most anticipated game of the year, GTA 6, we’ve got a lot of genuine GTA 6 leaks from our sources. Grand Theft Auto 6 is definitely on every gamer’s radar. At the beginning of December, Rockstar will be releasing the trailer of GTA VI, 6th December is the date they are targeting for the game’s trailer release. 

With the game’s release anticipated badly, we’ve managed to keep you enthusiasts occupied with some awesome GTA 6 leaks, including the GTA 6 map! 

Rumored Game Editions and Installation Requirements:

Rumored Game Editions and Installation Requirements:

GTA 6’s budget is rumored to be around $1-2 billion, with three massive editions. The prices range from $69.99 to probably $199.99. Whether or not these will be just a one-time payment is still speculated. 

Unconfirmed speculations are circulating about substantial installation demands of 750 GB, suggesting an extensive 400-hour gameplay, but Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed these details. This installation space requirement definitely means that there is a lot of content in the game, including a huge GTA 6 map.

GTA 6 Potential Release Date and Pre-Orders

GTA 6 Potential Release Date and Pre-Orders

Rockstar Games has revealed that the GTA 6 trailer will be unveiled next month; however, an official release date is still unknown. It is expected that the company will initiate the pre-order phase next year, paving the way for a speculated game release in late 2024 or early 2025.

But if we talk about the GTA 6 leaks, then recently on X with an Argos support agent we came across an image that hinted that the GTA 6 preorder date could come sooner than we can imagine. GTA 6 leaks indicate that the GTA 6 preorders could go live on December 12, although with the trailer releasing on December 6, it’s just a rumor and not confirmed. 

GTA 6 Leaks – Everything About Them:

GTA 6 Leaks - Everything About Them:

On September 18, 2022, an unprecedented leak of GTA 6 occurred, disseminating numerous videos and screenshots from an alleged in-development build of the game online. The legitimacy of the GTA 6 leaks might be a question on your mind. Rockstar Games, however, has confirmed the breach in a statement, acknowledging a network intrusion where an unauthorized third party gained illegal access to and downloaded confidential information, including early development footage for the next Grand Theft Auto.

Expressing disappointment about the unauthorized sharing of details, the Rockstar statement assured an upcoming update and a proper introduction to the game when it’s ready. Grateful for ongoing support, Rockstar emphasized addressing the situation.

In the 48 hours following the initial leak, the GTA Forums and the dedicated GTA 6 Reddit took swift action to remove all traces of the leaked material to avoid potential repercussions from Rockstar. The GTA 6 Reddit allowed discussions related to the leak without sharing actual leaks, prohibiting comments with download links.

Rockstar and parent company Take-Two responded to the leaks during an earnings call. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, deemed the leak “terribly unfortunate” and emphasized the serious consideration of such incidents. Fortunately, there’s no evidence that material assets were taken, and Zelnick assured that the leak would not impact the game’s development.

The latest development involves the teenager accused of the massive GTA 6 leak. Arion Kurtaj, an 18-year-old member of the Lapsus$ hacking group, has been deemed psychiatrically unfit for trial. Strauss Zelnick emphasized the disappointment caused by the leak and highlighted increased vigilance in matters related to cybersecurity.

Interestingly, amidst extensive copyright claims by Rockstar, one leaked GTA 6 screenshot has survived as the sole survivor of a Rockstar copyright “nuke,” with just a single frame escaping the comprehensive claims made across the internet.

GTA 6 Map Update:

GTA 6 Map Update:

The speculated location for GTA 6 has been a subject of discussion, and it appears we are returning to Vice City. Rockstar has officially verified the authenticity of the leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage, providing us with a clearer understanding of the city and its setting. Notably, one screen showcases an underground rail system labeled “Vice City Metro,” and keen observers may recognize familiar locations from GTA 3: Vice City, such as the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, Little Haiti, and Vice Beach.

While the city retains its essence, there have been noticeable changes since your last visit. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was situated in 1986, but all indications suggest that the setting for GTA 6 is contemporary. The presence of NPCs using smartphones and wearing modern clothing strongly implies that Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in a present-day rendition of Miami, Florida. Additionally, sharp-eyed social media users have noted a character referencing the death of the LifeInvader CEO, killed by Michael De Santa in GTA 5, suggesting that GTA 6 is set after the events of GTA 5.

Here is a compilation of GTA 6 map locations observed in the leaked footage, spanning road signs, menus, and more:

  • Ekanfinaka
  • Hamlet
  • Lake Leonida
  • Little Haiti
  • Malibu Club
  • Monument Of Leonida
  • North Beaches
  • Ocean Beach
  • Ocean Drive
  • Port Gellhorn
  • Red Hill Forest
  • Rockridge
  • South Beach
  • Vice Beach
  • Washington Beach
  • Yorktown

GTA 6 – Main Characters:

GTA 6 - Main Characters:

For months, there have been persistent rumors that Rockstar was introducing the first female protagonist in GTA 6, marking a series first for the 3D era. The initial report came from a Bloomberg article earlier this year, delving into evolving company dynamics at Rockstar North, and this information has been substantiated by the GTA 6 leak. In early development footage, two new playable characters, named Jason and Lucia, are featured.

The character-switching system from GTA 5 seems to be making a return in some form. A leaked clip depicted the duo robbing a diner, with the player controlling one character while the other operated under AI. Another clip showcased almost instantaneous character swapping, in contrast to the gradual perspective shift seen in GTA 5.

GTA 6 – The Next Game of the Year:

GTA 6 - The Next Game of the Year:

With the updates we have received so far, we can definitely say that GTA 6 is going to break all the records once it gets released. Rockstar has been developing this game for a long time now and we saw that the last time they took this much time – with GTA 5, that game went on to run for more than a decade with constant users. 

With GTA 6, we will definitely see a lot of improvements, and the developers will take advantage of the latest technologies available at hand to make the gaming experience rich for their customers. The anticipation surrounding Rockstar’s rumored GTA 6 has reached a fever pitch, and the glimpses provided by leaked footage only serve to heighten the excitement. Rockstar’s commitment to innovation, as evidenced by the inclusion of a potential first female protagonist and the return of the character-switching system, showcases a dedication to pushing the boundaries of the gaming experience. 

The intricate details leaked, from recognizable locations to nuanced gameplay features, affirm Rockstar’s reputation for crafting immersive and groundbreaking worlds. As fans eagerly await official announcements, it is evident that Rockstar is poised to deliver yet another gaming masterpiece, continuing their legacy of revolutionizing open-world gaming.


  1. Are the GTA 6 leaks confirmed by the developers?
    • No, the information in the article is based on leaks and rumors. Rockstar Games, the developers of GTA, has not officially confirmed details about GTA 6.
  2. When is GTA 6 expected to be released?
    • The release date is speculative as of now. The article covers various leaks and rumors surrounding the potential release date, but it’s essential to note that no official release date has been announced.
  3. What platforms will GTA 6 be available on?
    • Specifics about platforms are uncertain, and the article discusses various speculations. Official information about supported platforms will be confirmed by Rockstar Games closer to the actual release.
  4. Will GTA 6 have a single-player campaign?
    • Details about the game’s features, including the presence of a single-player campaign, are part of the leaks covered in the article. However, these details are unconfirmed until officially announced.
  5. Can I pre-order GTA 6?
    • As of now, Rockstar Games has not opened pre-orders for GTA 6. It’s advisable to wait for official announcements from the developers before considering any pre-orders.
  6. Are the leaked images and gameplay footage authentic?
    • The article discusses leaked images and gameplay footage circulating online. However, the authenticity of such leaks is uncertain, and readers should approach them with caution.
  7. Is there information about the game’s storyline in the leaks?
    • The leaks may include details about the potential storyline, but these are speculative and unconfirmed. The actual storyline will only be revealed by Rockstar Games upon the official game announcement.
  8. Are there any new gameplay features mentioned in the leaks?
    • The article covers various rumored gameplay features, but it’s crucial to remember that these details are speculative until confirmed by Rockstar Games.
  9. Will GTA 6 have online multiplayer features?
    • Leaks may include information about online multiplayer features, but until officially confirmed, it’s uncertain what features will be present in the multiplayer component of the game.
  10. Where can I stay updated on official announcements about GTA 6?
    • To receive official and accurate information about GTA 6, it’s recommended to follow Rockstar Games’ official channels, including their website and social media platforms, for announcements and updates.

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