10 Best Matches Of Notre Dame Football Team

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team is the intercollegiate team of Notre Dame University. They are among the four schools that compete as an independent in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

Notre Dame football team is always a joy to watch, the matches are never boring and the hype behind the football team is very real. They have the second-most national championships in the poll era. Some of the best football coaches have been a part of Notre Dame football. If you are a college football fan, then you’ve definitely heard of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

This historic team has a long and storied history, filled with thrilling victories and heartbreaking defeats. The Notre Dame football schedule is always a hectic one, they have their upcoming match against Central Michigan Chippewas on Saturday.

In the last three games, the Notre Dame Football team has dominated the other teams in a fashionable manner. They have a great streak and they are continuing to dominate college football. They have a rich history and have played many matches dubbed as, “Game of the Century”. In anticipation of the match, let us reminisce and talk about the team’s best matches.

10 Best Matches Of Notre Dame Football Team

1. Notre Dame vs. Army (1924)

This game is often referred to as the “Game of the Century.” Knute Rockne moving with speed, power, and precision in 1924, defeated the Army, 13 to 7, before 60,000 people at the Polo Grounds. Keep in mind that before this match the Army had an unbeaten streak of 32 games. Nobody thought that the Fighting Irish would be able to pull this off.

But the Notre Dame football team had other plans in mind, Under the leadership of Knute Rockne, the Notre Dame football team demolished the Army in an upset that couldn’t have been foreseen by any football expert. This victory against the army also marked the beginning of Notre Dame’s rise to football prominence.

2. Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (1966)

In 1966 the Notre Dame football schedule was insane and despite playing numerous matches back-to-back they continued to dominate the game unlike any other team. This is one of the greatest and most controversial matches in college football history. The game took place in Michigan State’s Spartan Stadium on November 19, 1966. Both teams had great coaches, the game ended in a draw, and the result was a 10-10 tie.

This match was a true clash of two football giants and no matter how hard the teams tried they just couldn’t beat each other. The clash between two of the top teams was billed as the year’s national championship game. The Notre Dame football coach was the legendary Ara Parseghian.

3. Notre Dame vs. Miami (1988)

The game is dubbed “Catholics vs. Convicts” and there is a pretty famous rivalry between the two teams. Notre Dame’s football roster consisted of legends such as Coley O’Brien. The team’s some of the main players were sacked in the first quarter due to injuries.

Notre Dame football team triumphed 31-30 over the Miami Hurricanes and solidified their place in college football history. After their win over Miami, they went on to win their remaining five games of the season. In a poll conducted in the year 2005, the 31-30 win over Miami was considered as the Greatest Victory in Notre Dame Football history.

4. Notre Dame vs Alabama (1973 Sugar Bowl)

In the Sugar Bowl, the Notre Dame football team faced the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide. Surprisingly, they were the underdogs. The game was one of the highest-rated college football games in history. Notre Dame’s football coach was the infamous Ara Parseghian and it was under his leadership that the team went on to win against the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide of the SEC.

Notre Dame won 24-23, and the team’s quarterback, Tom Clements was regarded as the man of the match as he performed so well which was a huge reason behind the team’s success against the formidable Alabama Crimson Tide.

5. Notre Dame vs USC (1988)

They came to win; they wanted it more than anyone else. This pretty much sums up the whole match. Notre Dame football team was not dominant at all times but their sheer courage and teamwork allowed them to win most of the matches. It was a battle of unbeaten, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish went on to complete the regular season a perfect 11-0 with a 27-10 win over USC.

Notre Dame’s football roster was built with some of the best players at that time; such as Tony Rice, and the Notre Dame football coach was the infamous Lou Holtz. It was a fitting end to an incredible year for the Fighting Irish.

6. Notre Dame vs. Florida State (1993)

This was such a nail-biting match between Notre Dame and Florida State. At that time the Florida State Seminoles were ranked #1 and unbeaten. Notre Dame football coach at that time was Lou Holtz and this was the fourth time the team had taken part in a Game of the Century. In the aftermath of the match, both the teams swapped positions and now Notre Dame was ranked #1.

This victory over Florida State, ended the Seminoles’ 16-game winning streak. It was definitely a defining moment in the career of quarterback, Charlie Ward.

7. Notre Dame vs. Texas (1978 Cotton Bowl)

This cotton bowl was very important for Notre Dame and they showcased it by winning against the Texas Longhorns. Notre Dame’s football schedule was jam-packed and while facing the undefeated Texas Longhorns, not many people thought that they’d be able to win.

Matter of fact, their win was so surprising that the game went on to become very popular. Notre Dame Football team didn’t just win against the Texas Longhorns, they dominated them in spectacular fashion with a score of 38-10, showcasing their dominance in this memorable showdown.

8. Notre Dame vs Oklahoma (1957)

In this thrilling encounter, Notre Dame defeated the mighty Oklahoma 7-0, it was a clean sweep. It ended the Sooners’47-game winning streak. Each offense threatened to score, but it was equally a defensive battle. But the Fighting Irish were determined to win the game and despite this being their seventh game of the season, the Notre Dame football coach Terry Brennan had a rock-solid Irish defense that day.

The strategy was to drain the Oklahoma offense in the first half and then score in the second half. Notre Dame’s football roster consisted of legends like Dick Lunch who scored the sole touchdown of the game. It still remains one of the most iconic moments in college football history.

9. Notre Dame vs. LSU (2018)

In a thrilling matchup, Notre Dame managed to narrowly defeat LSU 21-17. The Citrus Bowl was an American college football bowl game. This game was televised on ABC. Notre Dame has yet to return to the Citrus Bowl. This game was filled with drama and excitement, showcasing the Fighting Irish’s resilience.

10. Notre Dame vs. Clemson (2020)

Notre Dame vs. Clemson was a regular season game. Clemson at that time was ranked #1 in the nation and undefeated. This was the first time since 1993, that Notre Dame went on to defeat a #1 ranked team. This was a very important match for them, as they had been performing well up to this point and it was this match where everything was on the line for them.

No one had suspected Notre Dame to pull off this upset, but time and time again they have proved the critics wrong by defeating the #1 team. Notre Dame football roster’s quarterback Ian Brook, was an extremely important addition as he led the Irish to a then-winning streak of 12 games. It would have been impossible without him; the team went on to finish 10-0 before losses to Clemson in the ACC championship. Despite, losing later on, they proved that they have what it takes to fight at the top.

All in All:

As a Notre Dame die-hard fan, these games hold a very special place in my heart. They are a testament to the team’s rich history, tradition, and commitment to excellence. Whether you’re just a casual observer of college football or an enthusiast, these matches are a must-watch for any sports enthusiast.

College football definitely has a certain hype behind the games as the young, fresh blood are ready to work twice as hard to get selected. The Fighting Irish especially has a very rich history and the quarterbacks always go on to become big stars. In 2023, the head coach is Marcus Freeman and the team is ready now more than ever for the chance to prove themselves, so far, they have dominated this year and the boys are excited to play this Saturday.

We are desperately waiting for the Saturday match, as we are sure the rest of Notre Dame fans are. Don’t forget to get popcorn and sodas ready to watch the kick-off! The Fighting Irish are never boring and their matches are always fun to watch.

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