Top 10 Best Furry Comics From Furrydom In 2024

Furry comics are a subgenre of comics that primarily focus on anthropomorphic animal characters, which means animals that possess human characteristics and traits. These comics are often created by and for the furry fandom, a diverse and passionate community of individuals who have a strong affinity for anthropomorphic animals and furry art. Let’s discuss the top ten best furry comics of all time.

Top 10 Furry Comics From Furrydom

Welcome to a vibrant world where anthropomorphic characters and imaginative storytelling collide – Furrydom! This unique subculture has given rise to a treasure trove of comics that captivate readers with their creativity, diversity, and boundless imagination. In this curated list, we’re delving into the very best, showcasing the top 10 comics that have left an indelible mark on Furry enthusiasts and comic aficionados alike.

10. Omaha the Cat Dancer

Furry Comics

Omaha the Cat Dancer” is a well-known and influential adult furry comic series created by Kate Worley and Reed Waller. It’s often recognized as a classic within the furry community, and it’s certainly worthy of consideration in a list of top furry comics. The comic primarily revolves around the character of Omaha, a female anthropomorphic cat, and her adventures in the world of underground cabarets, love, and political intrigue. Her character is both complex and relatable, making her one of the most iconic figures in the furry comics genre.

9. Beast 

Furry Comics

Remember Beast from the Wolverine movies? Well, there’s an entire comic based on him. Beast has always been by Charles Xavier’s side and is a very prominent member of the X-Men team. He was recruited by Charles Xavier to be a part of the X-Men team, the character was introduced as a mutant possessing ape-like superhuman physical strength and agility. He’s a very interesting character in the Marvel comics, and you’ll find the Beast comics a very fascinating read. 

8. Cheetah 

Furry Comics

A formidable foe to Wonder Woman, the Cheetah is a fictional character in DC Comics. This furry comic character is very popular, she gets her powers when she’s studying an African tribe and the tribe’s Cheetah guardian passes away, the tribe gives Minerva the powers of an African plant God, Uzkartaga. To transform into a Cheetah, she has to consume human blood. She’s mentioned a lot of times in the comics and you’ll find this fury comic character in both Batman’s and Wonder Woman’s storyline.

7. Albedo Anthropomorphics

Furry Comics

“Albedo Anthropomorphics” is a significant and influential comic series within the furry community, and it holds a notable place in the history of anthropomorphic or furry comics. This furry comic was first published in the 1980s by Steve Gallacci and is considered one of the pioneering works within the furry genre. It helped establish anthropomorphic comics as a distinct and popular niche. The comic is set in a complex and detailed science fiction universe, featuring a wide array of anthropomorphic characters representing various species. This world-building added depth and uniqueness to the furry genre.

6. Shanda the Panda

Furry Comics

“Shanda the Panda” is a beloved and long-running furry comic series created by Mike Curtis and published by Shanda Fantasy Arts. This comic is often celebrated within the furry community and is worthy of consideration as a top-tier furry comic. This furry comic focuses on the adventures and daily life of its titular character, Shanda, an anthropomorphic panda, and her friends and family. The comic excels in character development, making readers genuinely care about the characters and their experiences.

5. Havoc INC

Furry Comics

“Havoc, Inc.” is a notable and well-regarded furry comic series created by Tom McHenry. This furry comic introduces readers to a world where anthropomorphic animals take on the role of supernatural entities, offering their services for various chaotic and absurd purposes. This premise is both imaginative and thought-provoking. The comic is celebrated for its sharp and witty humor. It incorporates clever wordplay, satire, and absurd situations that result in comedic gold. The humor often explores themes of identity, purpose, and existentialism.

4. Extinctioners 

Furry Comics

This furry comic is a well-known and respected furry comic series created by Shawntae Howard. Over the years, it has earned its place as a top-tier furry comic due to its compelling characters, intricate world-building, and engaging storytelling. “Extinctioners” features a complex and immersive world populated by a wide variety of anthropomorphic species. The comic explores the interactions, conflicts, and relationships between these species, adding depth to the furry universe it presents.

3. Usagi Yojimbo

Furry Comics

“Usagi Yojimbo” is an iconic and highly regarded comic series created by Stan Sakai. While it may not be traditionally classified as a furry comic, it features anthropomorphic animal characters and is often appreciated and celebrated within the furry community. The series is set in a meticulously researched and historically accurate feudal Japan, featuring anthropomorphic animals as its characters. Stan Sakai’s attention to detail adds depth to the storytelling. 

2. The Suit

Furry Comics

This furry comic features the story of an Anubian alien named Walter Fang, who is a hybrid human/dog. The profound experiences of hatred and prejudice the main character endures offer a thought-provoking parallel to the condemnation often faced by individuals in the furry community in their daily lives. This narrative beautifully reflects the transformative sense of belonging that dawns upon us when we discover like-minded individuals. The distinctive artistic style, which evokes the aesthetic of “The New Yorker’s” single-panel cartoons, adds an element of uniqueness and intrigue to this self-contained graphic novel, making it a truly captivating and distinctive work.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Furry Comics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, is undoubtedly an influential and beloved comic series, and it’s a beloved furry comic. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael—are among the most recognizable characters in the world of comics and have garnered a massive fan following. This furry comic is known for its action-packed storytelling, featuring the turtles’ martial arts skills, their battles against villains like Shredder, and their exploration of a crime-ridden New York City. The comics delve into themes of camaraderie, teamwork, responsibility, and the struggle to find one’s identity, making them relatable to a wide audience.

All in all:

In the vast and vibrant world of furry comics, these top 10 selections represent just a glimpse of the creativity, diversity, and talent that the furry fandom has to offer. From stories of anthropomorphic adventures and epic quests to tales of love, friendship, and self-discovery, these comics illustrate the rich tapestry of narratives within the genre. The furry community continues to produce engaging and imaginative works, making it an exciting time for enthusiasts and newcomers alike to explore the dynamic and ever-evolving world of furry comics. Whether you’re a long-time aficionado or a newcomer, these comics offer a fantastic journey into the heart of the furry fandom.


  1. What is Furrydom?
    • Furrydom is a subculture characterized by an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters, often referred to as “furries.” These characters possess human and animal traits and are featured in various forms of media, including comics.
  2. What criteria were used to select the top 10 comics in this list?
    • The comics featured in this list were selected based on factors such as creativity, storytelling, artistic quality, popularity within the Furry community, and their impact on the Furry fandom.
  3. Are these comics suitable for all audiences?
    • While many of the comics on this list are created with a wide audience in mind, some may contain themes or content that are better suited for specific age groups. It’s recommended to check individual comics for content ratings or advisories.
  4. Can I find these comics online or in physical format?
    • Many of the comics featured in this list are available online through various platforms. Some may also be available in physical formats, such as printed volumes or graphic novels, which can be found through specialized retailers.
  5. Are these comics only about anthropomorphic characters?
    • Yes, all the comics included in this list prominently feature anthropomorphic characters, which are a defining element of the Furry subculture.
  6. Can I recommend other Furry comics not mentioned in this list?
    • Absolutely! While this list showcases the top 10 comics from Furrydom, there are many other fantastic Furry comics out there. Feel free to share your recommendations or discover new ones within the Furry community.
  7. Do these comics cover a wide range of genres and themes?
    • Yes, the selected comics span a variety of genres and themes. You’ll find everything from epic adventures and fantasy worlds to slice-of-life stories and heartwarming tales of friendship.
  8. Can I support the creators of these comics?
    • Absolutely! Supporting the creators of these comics is a great way to show appreciation for their work. Many creators offer merchandise, prints, or Patreon memberships that allow fans to directly support their ongoing projects.
  9. How can I get started with Furry comics if I’m new to the genre?
    • If you’re new to Furry comics, this list is a fantastic starting point! Explore the recommended comics, and don’t be afraid to dive into the broader Furry community to discover even more hidden gems.
  10. Are there any upcoming events or conventions related to Furrydom?
  • Events and conventions related to Furrydom often take place throughout the year, both online and in various locations around the world. Keep an eye on Furry communities and websites for announcements about upcoming events.

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